The Order of Physicians will open an inquiry into the statements of the surgeon Gentil Martins in an interview in which he argues that homosexuality is “an anomaly and personality disorder.”

Miguel Guimarães, MD, quoted by the Observer online newspaper, confirmed that “two doctors have already reported that they will make a complaint in the order” against the statements of the surgeon Gentil Martins to the weekly Expresso. From these complaints, the homophobic statements will be “analyzed by the competent bodies,” confirmed the official.

In an interview with Expresso, Gentil Martins stated that “it is completely against homosexuals.” He added that homosexuality is “an anomaly, a deviation of personality. Like the sadomasochists or the people who mutilate themselves. ”

The statements made by Gentil Martins, who was once a member of OM, could hurt the code of ethics of doctors and “their duty to behave appropriately to the dignity of the profession,” stresses the current staff member, Miguel Guimarães.

As soon as the complaints are received by the Medical Order, they will be analyzed by the Council of Jurisdiction of the Order.